Jaffa Cake Taste Test Results!

We took a short break from preparing for the start of term today, just long enough to conduct some serious scientific research into one of lifes most important questions. Namely – “Who makes the best Jaffa Cakes?”

We staged a blind taste test of 5 brands of Jaffa Cake, and a decent sized sample of tasters assembled from ResNet staff.

During the taste test, one person forgot to vote and Nick was disqualified from voting (He bought the Jaffa Cakes, and as he knew which was which it didn’t seem fair to let him vote!) So the total sample size was 10 people.

We asked our testers two questions, “Which one is the genuine McVities?” and “Which is your favourite?” Somewhat surprisingly, there was a clear winner!

As no scientific research is complete without a graph, we plugged the results into Excel…

Jaffa Cake Taste Test Results


  1. Tesco Value
  2. Tesco Standard (With Real Fruit Juice!)
  3. McVities
  4. Sainsburys Basics
  5. Sainsburys Standard (With Real Fruit Juice!)
Jaffa cake taste test