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See Update 11:16

This morning we lost the network link to Stoke Bishop at approximately 8:20. As a result, ResNet wired & wireless, eduroam and internal phones are not working.

The exact cause of the outage is not yet known, but our networks team is actively working to restore service.

We will post an update here when we have more information.

Update 09:46 by Mark, ResNet Manager – We are very confident this is a power outage in our comms room.  We are now waiting for Estates to visit and restore power to our equipment.

Update 11:16 by Mark, ResNet Manager – Power has been restored by the Estates Team and all networking has been restored to the Stoke Bishop area.


We will be doing some essential network maintenance on Saturday 7th January 2012. The following properties will experience intermittent disruption between 9am and 5pm.

  • Northwell House
  • Woodland Court
  • The Hawthorns
  • 121 Redland Road
  • Rodney Place

Please see the IT Services news item for more details, since some buildings other than halls of residence will also be affected.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused to our customers.

We are experiencing a network issue that is affecting Deans Court North block.  All other Deans Court blocks are fully working.  We are looking into this problem and will update this post later on today with any further information.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

[Update 14:10 05/12/2011]

The connection to Deans Court North has been restored.

We are aware of some ongoing issues with wireless connectivity affecting ResNet Wireless in halls and eduroam on campus.

Common symptoms of these problems may include:

  • Intermittent slowness
  • Connection attempts time out
  • It may take several attempts to connect
  • Your computer forgets the saved network password

The problem appears to exist with some of the new wireless hardware that was installed during August 2011. We are currently talking to our hardware supplier to diagnose and resolve these problems, although progress is frustratingly slow.

We at ResNet are very sorry that these issues are causing inconvenience for our users. If you are affected by any of the symptoms described above, the best workaround is to use your ResNet connection via the cable. There are no known problems with the wired network.

We will post an update on this blog when the issue with ResNet Wireless has been resolved, so you might like to bookmark it.

Update 2011-Oct-18 18:11
As described in this IT Services News Item emergency work will be taking place, and ResNet Wireless will be unavailable:

  • Wednesday, 19 October, 06:00-08:45
  • Thursday, 20 October, 06:00-08:45
This emergency work is taking place to allow us to further diagnose the cause of the ongoing performance problems with the wireless service.  More news as and when we get it.
Update 2011-Oct-21
We believe the ResNet Wireless problems are now fixed.

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ResNet Wireless is due for an upgrade so that we can increase the number of people who can connect to it.  As part of that work, we’re making major changes to the infrastructure behind ResNet Wireless on Tuesday, September 6th 2011.

ResNet Wireless will experience intermittent outages throughout the day.

Once the work is complete, anyone using ResNet Wireless will need to re-run the ResNet Wireless Setup Wizard to continue using it.

This morning (Thursday 17th March) we are experiencing problems with the University network. This is affecting all areas of the campus, including academic departments, wireless and ResNet.

The networks team are currently investigating the cause and working on a fix for this issue. We will post more details when they become available.

In the meantime, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Update 10:29 by Mark:

The network team has isolated the problem and all service are believed to be working.  We are currently in an ‘At Risk’ state as we are only running on one core router.  I’ll update this again when the fully resilient service has been restored.

Update 12:38 by Mark:

We can now report that all services should have returned to normal. We have identified that a network switch was the cause of the problem and this has been isolated. For further updates please see the IS News Item for further updates.


We experienced problems with ResNet Wireless in all areas overnight. Service was restored at around 9:30 this morning, and we are actively investigating the root cause in order to avoid similar problems in future.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused for you.

This morning we took our annual team photo, including our permanent staff and our seasonal casual staff who help with technical and administrative queries.

ResNet team 2010

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We will soon be running a pilot wireless version of ResNet in Northwell House. This will provide wireless Internet access to ResNet subscribers in study bedrooms, kitchens and other communal areas in Northwell House. We have selected Northwell because we needed a medium size residence for the pilot. This is in addition to the Wireless Hotspots already available on campus and in some public areas of the halls.

We want to run a pilot so that we can work out the best ways to provide wireless ResNet and get some feed back from students.

What are the benefits of Wireless ResNet?

  • We can provide access in common areas like kitchens
  • You can move your computer between rooms
  • We can provide access to more than one computer per person
  • We hope to provide access to a broader range of devices, such as some handheld computers and games consoles
Cabled ResNet Wireless ResNet
Higher speed You can use more than one computer
You can use FreeWire TV You can use mobile devices
Higher reliability Available in communal areas

Why run a pilot?
We need to be sure that Wireless ResNet will work before we roll it out to thousands of students! The trial gives us the opportunity to test our hardware and to collect feedback from the users participating in the trial. We are sure we will need to make adjustments throughout the trial, so we have a smooth launch and a great level of service when we are able to roll out Wireless ResNet to all residences.

Who can take part in the trial?
As mentioned above, the pilot is only available in Northwell House. Furthermore, only existing ResNet subscribers will be able to use Wireless ResNet.

What kind of computers are compatible with Wireless ResNet?
To start with, you will need Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X or Linux to be able to use Wireless ResNet on your computer. We hope to add support for many other devices later in the pilot.

How long will it be until Wireless ResNet is made available to all?
This will depend on information gathered in the trial, financial constraints and the time needed to install wireless equipment in 5000 rooms. Universal wireless access to all study bedrooms will be very expensive so we don’t know when we will be able to deliver it. We think it will be very popular among students, and we are running a pilot to find out how people use it. We do know that Wireless ResNet won’t be available in other residences at least for this academic year.

Will cabled ResNet be taken away when Wireless ResNet is turned on?
No. Wireless ResNet will not affect the existing cabled service. However, you will have the ability to use more than one computer, or to use your games console, handheld computer or smartphone on wireless ResNet. You will be able to use either service, or both services, as you please.

How much will Wireless ResNet cost?
For the duration of the trial, Wireless ResNet available for ResNet subscribers at Northwell House at no extra cost. You are helping us by testing out the service and providing feedback! We haven’t yet decided how much it will cost, or even if we will charge extra for Wireless ResNet when it made available to all residences.

I live at Northwell. What do I do to use the pilot?
For now, all we ask is that you fill in our survey. When the pilot is ready to go live, we will be in touch by email.